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Welcome to the Component Technology Workshop (CTW) Presenter Toolkit! This web page is designed to help SBCA members educate construction industry professionals about the structural building components industry. Select a link below to plan the steps for your upcoming CTW.
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CTW PresentationAudience
Many different groups of construction professionals benefit from attending CTWs. If you know who you want to educate or need a little help with finding groups in your area, we are here to assist. To see lists of potential audiences broken down by geographical region, select one of the following links:

Online CTWs are a great way to educate your market about the structural building components industry. Click on the construction industry professional links below to see recommended online CTWs for each group.

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Ways to Educate Your Market
CTWs offer a number of ways to reach out and educate your market. To learn more, visit our 4 Ways to Educate Your Market page.

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CTW PPTsPowerPoint Presentations
CTWs offer a number of ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations on a wide range of industry topics. Where available, select link to read a brief course description. SBCA staff can help recommend the presentation best suited for your audience.

SBCA component manufacturer members can receive one-year’s access to download files for just $50. For more information on special SBCA Chapter pricing or to purchase individual access, contact SBCA staff. CTW PowerPoint files are available on topics including:

Don’t see the presentation you need for your audience? Chances are we have put something together already that is close to what you need. Contact staff to find the right CTW for your audience.

If you’d like recommendations about giving a presentation, visit our tips page.

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Offering Continuing Education Credit
CTWs can qualify for continuing education units (CEUs) or professional development hours (PDHs) for the group you are educating. SBCA staff can help qualify your presentation for the specific CEU/PDH requirements of your audience. Be sure to contact SBCA in advance to allow time to research and complete the steps to qualify your presentation.

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Tips for Giving a Presentation
If you’d like recommendations about giving a presentation, visit our tips page.

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Handouts are a great addition to your presentation to help drive home key concepts and give attendees a takeaway to remember your CTW. SBCA has developed publications that clearly and concisely cover key industry issues and topics involving everything from storing, handling, installing, restraining, bracing and inspecting structural building components to how structural building components react in a fire situation.

The following are recommended handouts for CTWs. If you'd like assistance selecting handouts for your presentation, SBCA staff can help you determine the best brochures and technical documents for your audience and CTW.

BCSI Publications Truss Technology in Building Documents Other Publications
BCSI Booklet
BCSI-B1 Summary Sheet
BCSI-B2 Summary Sheet
BCSI-B3 Summary Sheet
BCSI-B4 Summary Sheet
BCSI-B5 Summary Sheet
BCSI-B7 Summary Sheet
BCSI-B8 Summary Sheet
BCSI-B9 Summary Sheet
BCSI-B10 Summary Sheet
BCSI-B11 Summary Sheet
CTB – How to Read a Truss Placement Diagram
CTB – How to Read a Truss Design Drawing
Framing the American Dream
Framing the American Dream – Roof & Floor
Future of Framing
SBCA Online Catalog

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