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Courses on Specifying and Designing with Structural Building Components Level Contact Hours Demo
Cold-Formed Steel Truss Overview Beginner 0.5Preview Now!
Framing the American Dream Beginner 1Preview Now!
Guidance to Builders on Minimizing Mold on Components Beginner 0.5Preview Now!
Metal Connector Plates Beginner 0.5Preview Now!
Mold and Structural Wood Components Beginner 1Preview Now!
Overview of Lumber Beginner 0.5Preview Now!
Permanent Bracing, B3 & Risk Management (wood) Intermediate 0.5Preview Now!
Permanent Bracing, CFSB3 & Risk Management (steel) Intermediate 0.5Preview Now!
Courses on Field Issues — Installing, Bracing and Inspecting Components Level Contact Hours Demo
Four Steps to Safe Truss Installations Beginner 0.5Preview Now!
BCSI: Storage, Handling, Installing, Restraining & Bracing Intermediate 1.5 
Overview of Building Component Safety Information BCSIED2-D Intermediate 2Preview Now!
Today’s Wood Framing Systems Problems and Solutions Intermediate 1 
Courses on Building Components in the Building Codes Level Contact Hours Demo
Summary of Changes to ANSI/TPI 1-2007 Intermediate 0.5Preview Now!
Florida Board of Professional Engineers Rule 64G15-31.003 Advanced 1 
IBC 2000 Advanced 1Preview Now!
IBC 2003 Advanced 1Preview Now!
IBC 2006 Advanced 1Preview Now!
IRC 2000 Advanced 1Preview Now!
IRC 2003 Advanced 1Preview Now!
IRC 2006 Advanced 1Preview Now!
Courses on Fire and Wood Trusses Level Contact Hours Demo
Performance and Application of Fire Rated Wood Truss Assemblies Advanced 1 
Carbeck Series: Introduction to Wood Trusses Beginner 1
Carbeck Series: Fire Performance of Wood Trusses Beginner 1
Carbeck Series: Information for Firefighters Beginner 1
Basic Truss Knowledge – Courses for Construction Industry Professionals
(Engineers, Building Officials, Contractors, etc.)
Level Contact Hours Demo
Design Responsibilities Beginner 1Preview Now!
Introduction & Terminology Beginner 1 
Truss Design, Manufacturing & Installation Overview Beginner 1Preview Now!
Truss Materials Beginner 1Preview Now!
Design Principles Intermediate 1Preview Now!
Load Development Intermediate 1Preview Now!
Truss Connections Intermediate 1Preview Now!
Truss Math Intermediate 1Preview Now!
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